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And so it begins

When last seen we were asking, "So... what should Focker's name their new Spring Street location? and promising to open March 18.

Which we did, in what retail folks like to call a "soft opening," otherwise known as opening the doors and telling customers, "Hey! Just kick that box out of your way and c'mon in!"

We've had a few distractions since March 18th including, but not limited to:

  • Deciding that one Spring Street location was not big enough for all the stuff so, instead of opening one new store, we opened two.
  • Deciding that, once the two new stores were open, we needed to play our favorite game of "Focker Chess" which, in this case, is a matter of moving everything from uptown to downtown, downstairs to upstairs, downtown to uptown, upstairs to downstairs... and on and on...all without the benefit of Clark and Kitty the Pink Focklift.
  • Focker and Fockerneighbor lanternsDeciding to go a little bit crazy with our neighbors at Moksh'a and Kaleidokites on the Grand Illumination for Eureka's May Festival of the Arts.

    Here are some of the 200 lanterns that decorate our little corner of the world for the month of May. --->

    It's a job that took longer than we thought it would, thanks to the recent rainstorms and 40 mph winds, so we'd just like to say, "thank you" to Angelo the bicycle cop for chasing lanterns down AR Highway 23. Another big "thanks" goes to John and Bill for corralling rogue lanterns on the New Delhi patio.

    High five, guys!


The new stores are now ready to keep regular hours and most of the boxes are out of the way.


Folks who are familiar with Eureka Springs geography will be unsurprised to learn that both new stores have addresses but neither one is actually on a street.

'Nother Focker's Discount Outlet is theoretically located at 1 Spring and Focker's Mercantile is theoretically located at 12 1/2 S Main.

Forget that.

Just stand in Basin Park and look across the street. Both locations are right across the bridge. General Merchandise ('Nother Focker's) on the left; Grocery (Focker's Mercantile) on the right.

The downtown stores are currently open 10-6... 'Nother Focker's is open Thursday through Sunday. Focker's Mercantile is open every day except Wednesday.

We know. It's confusing. We'll clear it up as we post along.

Meanwhile... if you want to know if we're there or if we have something in particular downtown, the downtown phone number is 479-253-7879.

Big Focker's is also open 7 days a week, 9 to 7, 2100 E Van Buren (Hwy 62E). Phone: 479-253-5911.

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