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Meanwhile back at the lab... it's the slab!

Doc and crew started tying the rebar for the slab on Thursday.


By the end of the day, the first mat of steel was done. There are actually two mats of steel in the foundation but the second one was done on Friday so it's not pictured because all the Big Focker Paparazzi were attending the regularly scheduled Friday afternoon safety meeting at Henri's.

We told Doc, "Hey, Saturday is all our day off. Just tell us what time to show up with the beer."


So, by the time we called in the order to Mr. T's pizza and showed up with the Budweiser and Shiner Bock, this is what we saw:


The crew started at 6:30 am, under the watchful eye of a couple of visitors from the motel next door. By 2 pm, when the job was done, the crew was done in.



Next week, Morrell Construction will start putting up the building while Doc & crew roll on with the loading dock.

Now we're really rolling.

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